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Your Body Can Heal

March 23, 2020

Due to CorVid19, all massage practices are closed until at least April 3, 2020. Feel free to join me on Instagram and Facebook for regular self care and helpful tips on stress and health. Feel free to contact me with any questions or to get on a waiting list for when I am open again.  Thank you and everyone take care and be safe.

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Your Body Can Heal

I'm Liz Lupi, Licensed Massage Therapist since 2011.  You landed on my page for a reason and I'm excited to help you start your path to wellness.  Your body CAN heal.

The human body truly fascinates me.  For years, I have believed that the body has an amazing ability to heal itself, yet, so many suffer from pain, limited quality of life and disease that prevents them from living to your full potential.  What is holding us back?  This has driven my mission to learn how to help those in pain and help bring the mind and body back into balance for wellness.

Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage are standard modalities I and just about every Massage Therapist can do. Massage and bodywork is more then just Swedish and Deep tissue and so many modalities available that can release stress, reduce anxiety, even help prevent injury, to bring the body back into balance and improve quality of life. 

Have you tried massage therapy and seem to feel the same in the long run?  With the right therapist and techniques, your mind and body can be balanced with lasting results.

Let me show you a whole new side of Massage and Bodywork using B.E.S.T, Fascia work via Myofascial Release John Barnes method and ACE Cupping Massage .  You can achieve Mind and Body Wellness.  My goal truly is to help you feel better and spend less time in my office and other doctor's offices.

My location is @ Aroma Hut Massage 821 SW Alsbury Blvd Suite B, Burleson Texas 76028  To schedule book online, please call, text or Facebook messenger @ Liz Lupi Massage.

Let's start the path to wellness

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